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What is Let's RP?

Let's RP is a story-based FiveM roleplay server accommodating serious and content-driven roleplayers alike in a welcoming environment in which the RP always comes first.

With a dedicated in-house development and support team, Let's RP is continuously growing and evolving in to the best place to create and develop your own stories.

With now over 250 whitelisted players, for beginners and veterans alike across the UK, EU and US, Let's RP is a unique and fresh take on GTA roleplay.

This wiki is designed to act as a resource for fans of Let's RP as well as a way for players to showcase their characters, storylines and the history of the Let's RP Server.

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Wiki Rules

The contents of this Wiki is strictly considered OOC information.
No OOC Drama / Toxicity in any comments or articles.
Do not discuss player bans or ban reasoning at any point.
Do not remove content from a page unless it is false.
Do not edit war with others, if you have an issue with someone, join our Discord and contact a member of staff.
Do not add false/irrelevant OOC info to character pages.

Latest major update

Lets RP 2.0

Feature Description
Casino Games & Experience A whole new Casino experience awaits - Slots, Lucky Wheel, Live Track, Blackjack, Poker, Roulette and more! Don’t forget to collect your daily Visitor Bonus too!
New Recreational Activities Basketball, Tennis, Air Hockey, and Arm Wrestling
Arcade Anywhere No more Arcade Passes, find a machine and set the next highscore!
Vespucci Beach Markets Shop in style, all-in-one place - with plenty of room for IC expansion.
Hunting Activity Brand New, and improved hunting.
Diving Activity New and improved diving.
Beekeeping Activity Are the bees happy?
New Bean Machine location Huge new building to increase Profits & IC Opportunities
New Weazel News Fleet Van and Heli for WZN
Job Allowance Up to 4x Whitelisted Jobs /jobmenu
New Beaver Bush Duty & Blip A Perfectly Normal Career Path.
New Blaine County Sheriff Office A new department finally opens!
New Emergency Services Fleet LSPD, EMS, and Fire Dept. receive a new and impressive fleet of vehicles!
New EMS NPC Jobs As promised from the Let’sTalk session. Help the Locals!
Multiple new heists
New Hidden criminal missions ██████ ██ ████ ██████.
Drug Improvements
New Spray Paint System Tag your turf!
Vehicle Fuel Update Electric vehicles, boats, and helicopters receive a balance pass.
Phone Update New apps and bug fixes for the phone!