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Let's RP Wiki is the official wiki dedicated to the Let's RP GTA Community. It covers all content relating to the server. Information found here CANNOT be used for IC information, and is purely for recording our history and the rich character lore and development found in our community.


  • Number of pages: 903
  • Number of edits: 3,367
  • Number of users: 82
  • Mediawiki version: 1.39.1


There are a few people who are constantly trying to improve the site to the best of their ability. If you want to know what they are up to at the moment check out their user pages.


Like Wikipedia, a wiki is a site where anybody -- not just administrators or whitelisted players-- can edit any page. Wikis are best used for building a collaborative knowledge database, especially for the massive amount of history and interactions in the Let's RP Community. The wiki is built and driven by volunteers who want to provide a great wiki for anyone seeking information related to Let's RP.