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Welcome to the Let's RP Wiki! This page is dedicated to the fledgling editor, eager hopeful, or anyone interested in reading up on the Let's RP lore and this wiki.

Take a look through the below categories to find out where we can help you best.

I want to EDIT an Article

Contributing to the wiki is simple; check out our Getting Started guide to get started, the Lets_RP_Wiki:Editing/Cheat_sheet page for a syntax guide, or practice in your own Sandbox to get the hang of wikicode; or simply take a chance and edit your first article!

Don't be afraid to edit any page that needs updates, fixes, or more content; we would rather that you created an article with simple, limited content and request some assistance than to create no article at all.

I want to Create a New Article or Upload Images

First, use the search feature to confirm that there are no pages which currently cover your topic; it's always better to improve an existing article rather than create a new one if they contain similar information.

If it doesn't exist, then simply Search for the exact name you want the page to have, and click the red link that appears at the top of the results.

Not sure what to create? Take a look at Wanted Pages for a list of pages that have been linked to but not yet created for ideas!

For uploading images, simply follow the Upload Wizard by clicking "Upload File" in the sidebar to the left.

How can I HELP?

Easy! The simplest thing to do is read through our big pages (Like Characters or Factions or Businesses) and see if it reads well. Is the page easy to understand? Laid out well? Are there enough or too many images? Is it linked to other important pages? Characters, especially, always need new information as more are released.

Beyond small fixes, take a look through our Tasks page to see what the bigwigs are working on.

Quickstart Guide
Creating your first article

Get started with editing the wiki.

Anyone can edit any page and improve articles immediately for all readers. You just need to create an account. The Let's RP Wiki uses two methods of editing: the simpler VisualEditor, and classic editing through source mode.

Your first edits
A beginner's guide on how to use VisualEditor, a user-friendly system that allows you to edit without the need to learn wikitext.
The basics of VisualEditor
Some more detailed tips on editing using VisualEditor, including how to add links and format bold and italic text.

Using source mode

Source mode allows you to see all of the wikitext on a page and to edit it directly. If you are trying to make more complex changes, you should switch to the source mode in the editor.

Introduction to source mode
Editing using the classic source mode, which allows you to view and change wikitext directly.
Cheat sheet for source mode
A short guide that lists the syntax needed to create font styles, links, templates, and headers in source mode.

Advanced guides

Advanced guide to VisualEditor
Making more complicated edits using the default editor.
What's possible with source mode
Examples of some of the more complicated types of edits that can be made on the wiki.
More details about editing tables in source mode.
Finding images
How to find images online to use on the wiki.
Using templates
How to use templates across the wiki.

Note: A portion of the text above originated from the RuneScape Wiki and SC Tools wiki under CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 license.

Other Resources

Editing Articles Guidelines and Resources